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Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2023

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

September 18 2023

I. CALL TO ORDER (President: Kristel Herring)

• Roll Call (sign-in sheet to be circulated)

• Meeting Called to Order at 6:33

• Attending Members (14): Anthony Starkey, Brian Mcdaniel, Angela Mcdaniel, Dustin Breaux Sr., Hilary Fleming, Kristel Herring, Latoya Shaw, Rena Demazeliere, Rita Lasoyne, Stephanie Lamb, Tonyna Breaux, Jewel Ratcliff, Randy Ratcliff, and Tammie Standing

• Welcome New Members Kristel Herring welcomed all new Members!

• Approval of May and Emergency Meeting Minutes Tonyna Breaux motioned to approve previous minutes. Anthony Starkey seconded. Vote was taken all in Favor. Motion Passed.

II. PRESIDENT'S REPORT (Kristel Herring)

• Membership Form

• Raptor Report (Email a copy once approved to the President)

• Vote on Bylaws Anthony Starkey motioned to approve By-laws. Randy Ratcliff seconded. A Vote was taken all in Favor. Motion Passed.

• Upcoming Drill Meets

• Oct 21st Dayton: Discussion on Food Options

• Breakfast Tacos will be prepared by Rita Lasoyne, Kristel Herring, Stephanie Lamb, and Dustin Breaux Sr. 15 Tacos Per person Morning of Drill meet or Night before.

• Anthony Starkey will Bring a Grill and Prepare Burgers During the Drill Meet.

• Sign-up Genius has a list of needed items to donate.

• Dec 2nd NOMMA

• Dec 9 Travis

• Jan 13 Brenham

• Jan 13 Allen

• Jan 27 Dayton

• Regionals at College Station

• Food Options for Drill Meets

• Breakfast: Tacos, muffins

• Lunch: Sandwiches, wraps, walking tacos, pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, Frito pie (in chip bag)

• Snacks: Chips, fruit, individually wrapped snacks (cookies, crackers, etc.) - buy in bulk or sign up via Sign-Up Genius

• Vertical Raise Fundraiser: Review (Started on Aug 28, ends today, Sep 18) Vertical Raise Amount of $13500.00 was met.

• Booster Club Facebook Page: Highlight that it's public and can share important posts.

• Committees Needed:

• Zombie Run: Assistance for Mrs. Lamb, event execution, and volunteering.

• Ball: Assistance with catering, decoration, and event volunteering

• Drill Meets: Help with food planning, send-off, and potential event volunteering.

• Fundraising Committee: Set up spirit nights, promote events (e.g., Zombie Run), explore opportunities, brainstorm future event ideas.

• Marine Corps Birthday Ball (Nov 10th, 5:00 pm)

• Venue (already booked) Confirmed & Paid

• Large Table on stage for Sponsors and guests.

• Side Tables for Big three and MIA soldier

• CWO4 will Confirm no issues for Color Guard

• DJ (already paid half) need to Confirm schedule as the Hall had a schedule error that had to be corrected.

• Photographers (Rita to reach out to last year's contact)

• Cake (Event Committee working on design) HEB will be able to Complete but will not take order outside of 2 weeks of event.

• Catering – Confirmed not Paid.

• School Bus for Cadets (signup required)

• Parent Volunteers (sign-ups coming soon)

• Linens (Ball Committee to discuss options with the venue)

• Volunteering Opportunities: Always check the calendar for your cadet's opportunities.

• AHS Football Games

• Oct 11 Pumpkin Patch Volunteers

• Zombie Run (Oct 28)

• Discussed Volunteers taking the place of Sponsors to help alleviate the work load

• All Volunteer Opportunities will be handled with Sign-up Genius.


• Spirit Nights/Fundraising: Seeking assistance, considering having three Spirit Nights in the year, seeking volunteers to set up Spirit Nights – Anthony Starkey Volunteered

• Zombie Run (Oct 28):

• Letters, Sponsors, and Handouts

• Race Committee Meeting (discussion on pending tasks)

• Cadet promotion of the event

• Sponsorship and runner bag items needed.

• Shirt details (Sponsor deadline: Oct 13)

• Volunteers required (signup two weeks prior)

• Zombie Run 1st Heat is elementary students. Need to make “Zombies” less frightening for this heat.

• Zombie Run ticket sales for last year show more tickets were sold to eagle Dash.

• Dustin Breaux Volunteered with Helping Stephanie with Race Committee

• Zombie run digital flyers sent out. And printed copies handed out to volunteers to pass out to zoned areas. More flyers passed out while researching car show in the next few weeks.


• Financial Overview Available Balance – $11818.44

• 2023-2024 Budget Discussion Less spending than last year as we are starting with far less than Previous years. Not donating to camp hope this year.


• Discussion on Domain Change to Website WWW.AHSMCJROTCBOOSTER.ORG to replace Gmail addresses.

• Use of Microsoft Office 365 as the email server (received approval from Office 365)

• Discuss Car Show as an option for funding, with potential prizes such as plaques currently held by CWO4. The Executive board will make several car show visits to determine the viability of holding a fundraising car show. Looks promising thus far.


• Updates and Announcements


• October 10th, 2022, at 6:30 PM

VIII. Meeting closed

• Kristel Herring adjourned meeting at 7:49

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