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Meeting Minutes April 18, 2024

Updated: Jun 7

Call to Order: 6:30 PM by President Kristel Herring

Roll Call:

  • Present: Jacqueline Contreras, Oscar Contreras, Rita Lasyone, Mike Lasyone, Andrea Harisis, Kristel Herring, Tonyna Breaux, Dustin Breaux, Stephanie Lamb, Wayne Lamb, Hillary Fleming, Daniel Fleming

  • Absent: None


  • No new members were introduced.

Approval of Previous Minutes:

  • Stephanie Lamb moved to approve the minutes from the March meeting.

  • Jacqueline Contreras seconded.

  • Motion carried.


President's Report (Kristel Herring):

  • Drill Meets:

  • April 20th – Catering options include Chick-Fil-A or Canes for an easy order.

  • Yearbook:

  • Update on yearbook: Pictures have been given to Jodie.

  • Yearbooks have been ordered to cover additional requests.

  • Merchandise:

  • New designs for the 2024-2025 school year are being developed.

  • Awards Ceremony:

  • Medals are ready.

  • The ceremony is scheduled for May 7th.

  • Refreshments will include cookies and punch.

  • Board for 2024-2025:

  • An interest survey for the 2024-2025 board has been sent out and is due by April 28th.

  • Members are encouraged to consider running for executive board positions to ensure a robust slate of candidates for the May election.

Vice President's Report (Stephanie Lamb):

  • No additional comments or updates.

Treasurer's Report (Tonyna Breaux):

  • The Treasurer's report was presented.

  • A report on the income from the recent Car Show was provided.

  • Volunteers are needed for the Audit Committee; three volunteers are required.

Secretary's Report (Dustin Breaux):

  • No additional comments or updates.

Instructors' Report:

  • Report given by CWO and MGySgt

Next Meeting:

  • Date: May 21, 2024

  • Time: 6:30 PM


  • Meeting adjourned at [insert time if available].

Minutes submitted by:Dustin Breaux, Secretary

Minutes approved by:Kristel Herring, PresidentStephanie Lamb, Vice President

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