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Meeting Minutes February 15, 2024


February 15, 2024


CALL TO ORDER:The meeting was called to order by President Kristel Herring.

Members in Attendance: Kristel Herring, Stephanie Lamb, Wayne Lamb, Tonyna Breaux, Dustin Breaux, Rita Lasyone, Hilary Fleming, Mike Lasyone (CWO4), Daniel Fleming (Master Guns), Randy Ratcliff, Andrea Harisis, Jacqueline Contreras, and Oscar Contreras

New Members:No new members were present.

Approval of December and January Minutes: Both Meeting Minutes were approved.


Marine Corps Birthday Ball

The venue for the 2024-2025 ball has been booked for Nov 9th.

Ball committee will meet to start working on this in the upcoming months


                        Scholarship will open from Feb 15 – Mar 31

                        Parent must be a paid member of booster club

                        Any cadet that has special circumstances should reach out to instructors

End of the year field trip

                        What are the plans or ideas for this trip? What will be expected from the booster club?  


                        Jodie will be completing the yearbook this year. If you have pictures, please share.


                        We still have a lot of items in stock, before we can purchase new items, we need to sale these. Any ideas on how to move inventory?


VICE PRESIDENT: (Stephanie Lamb)

Spirit Nights:

$108.63 was raised from MOD Pizza

February 20 – Panera Bread


TREASURER: (Tonyna Breaux)

Treasurer Report

Scholarship Committee


SECRETARY: (Dustin Breaux)

Storage Pricing changed. Can get discount added again and need to see if we can get a larger unit as we are filled to the brim.

Car Show requirements:


☒- Flyer Creation D Breaux

☒- Judging Form D Breaux

☒- Vehicle Sign-up Sheet D Breaux

☒- Vendor Sign-up Sheet D Breaux

☒- Webpage Links with Payments for Vendors and Participants D Breaux

☒- Hat Design and Sourcing Rita

Not completed

☐- Judge Selection (6) Rita

☒- School Bathroom usage authorization Rita

☒- Car show Layout/Mapping D Breaux Jr.

☐- Social Media sharing. EVERYONE Event is now created on Social Media

☐- Silent Auction Items. EVERYONE (Framed Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Photo)

☐- Sponsorships EVERYONE

☐- Trophies (24 needed) Lamb

Cars Cars Cars!!!! Advertise for More cars! 



Instructor’s Report (CWO and MGySgt)

NEXT MEETING DATE: March 21, 2024 @ 6:30 PM

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