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Meeting Minutes May 21, 2024

Call to Order: 6:38 PM by President Kristel Herring

Roll Call:

  • Present: Kristel Herring, Jerry Herring, Casey Eakin, Jodie Eakin, Dustin Breaux Jr, Dustin Breaux Sr, Tonyna Breaux, Mike Lasyone, Rita Lasyone, Andrea Harisis, Wayne Lamb, Stephanie Lamb, Daniel Fleming, and Hilary Fleming

  • Absent: None


  • No new members were introduced.

Approval of Previous Minutes:

  • Stephanie Lamb moved to approve the minutes from the April meeting.

  • Tonyna Breaux seconded.

  • Motion carried.


President's Report (Kristel Herring):

  • Yearbook:

  • Has been ordered should be delivered before school ends

  • Booster Board:

  • We will be voting in the “New” Board at this meeting. Once the minutes have been sent out the board can start the switchover process.

Vice President's Report (Stephanie Lamb):

  • Merchandise new Designs:

  • New Designs for 24-25 discussed and passed around.

Treasurer's Report (Tonyna Breaux):

  • The Treasurer's report was presented.

  • Volunteers are needed for the Audit Committee; three volunteers are required.

Secretary's Report (Dustin Breaux):

  • No additional comments or updates.



Vote for Next year’s board was held:

The results of the vote were announced as follows:

- President: Stephanie Lamb

- Vice President: Dustin Breaux

- Treasurer: Tonyna Breaux

- Secretary: Andrea Harisis

The new board members were congratulated and thanked for their willingness to serve. The outgoing board members were also acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.

Stephanie Lamb (incoming President) will be added to the Bank account And Tonyna Breaux will remain on the bank account as she was reelected as Treasurer.  Kristel Herring (outgoing President) will be removed from the bank account. This will be accomplished on the next opportunity in June. 

Instructors' Report:

  • Report given by CWO and MGySgt

The board was informed that Marcus Colstrum will be the new Senior Instructor, starting next school year.  

CWO Lasyone announced his retirement plans for next year, after serving as the Senior Instructor for 15 years. He thanked the board for their support and guidance and expressed his gratitude to his colleagues and students. The board recognized his outstanding achievements and dedication and had previously presented him with a trophy of appreciation.

Next Meeting:

  • New board will reach out Independently.


  • Meeting adjourned at 7:51.

Minutes submitted by: Dustin Breaux, Secretary

Minutes approved by: Kristel Herring, President Stephanie Lamb, Vice President

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