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Meeting Minutes January 8, 2024

CALL TO ORDER:The meeting was called to order by President Kristel Herring.

Members in Attendance: Andrea Harisis, Kristel Herring, Stephanie Lamb, Wayne Lamb, Tonyna Breaux, Dustin Breaux, Rita Lasyone, Hilary Fleming, Mike Lasyone (CWO4), and Daniel Fleming (Master Guns).

New Members:No new members were present.

Approval of December Minutes:The December minutes were not approved due to technical issues with the webpage. Approval will be deferred to the next meeting.


  • Marine Corps Birthday Ball

  • Various venues considered: Grand Oaks, The Rose Garden, Walden Country Club.

  • Walden Country Club chosen for November 9th ceremony.

  • Agreement to be signed; no upfront cost until the Ball.

  • Items to purchase using Booster Amazon account for non-profit discounts: 8 red tablecloths, 8 gold table runners, and 20 centerpieces.

  • Drill Meets

  • Jan 13 Brenham: Breakfast - tacos, Lunch - walking tacos, Snacks.

  • Jan 27 Dayton: Breakfast - Doughnuts, Lunch - Hamburgers.

  • Regionals at College Station (Feb 2nd)

  • Volunteers: Stephanie Lamb, Dustin Breaux, and The Contreras.

  • Hotel: Hampton Inn, College Station.

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Proposed to be held at Walden Country Club on the 3rd Tuesday or 3rd Thursday of the month.

  • Room for the meeting is free of charge.

  • Scholarship

  • Requirements for seniors (Booster membership).

  • Proposal to vote on removing Section 3: Parent must be a Booster Club member at the next meeting.

  • Venue for next year's ball selected as Walden Clubhouse on November 9, 2024.


  • Spirit Nights:

  • January 17 – MOD Pizza

  • February 20 – Panera Bread


  • Approved budget of $10,000.00 for next year's Military Ball at Walden Clubhouse on November 9, 2024.


  • Storage pricing changed; exploring options for a larger unit.

  • Car Show requirements discussed, with some items completed and others pending.

  • Committees formed for obtaining sponsorships from Houston Interactive Aquarium, AJ Automotive, and Sheffield & Sheffield.


  • Bill Gates Foundation may match a donation to MCJROTC, requiring funds to be routed to the foundation.

  • Master Guns needs $320 for trophies for Postal Competitions.

NEXT MEETING DATE:February 15th, 2024, at 6:30 PM.

ADJOURNMENT:The meeting was adjourned at 19:43

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